By Jeff Jarvis
April 11, 1988 12:00 PM

ABC (Wed., April 6, 9:30 p.m. ET)


It’s like replacing a shrug with a yawn. Out (for now) goes Slap Maxwell, a show that tried hard—too hard—but still couldn’t rise to Dabney Coleman’s talents. In comes Justin Time, a new series that displays slightly less talent and a lot less energy. Tim (Fletch) Matheson plays a hot young editor who comes to L.A. to take over a wilting magazine. He immediately sets to work—buying a car, joining racquet-ball and video clubs and dancing that ole sexual-tension rumba with Patricia (Kay O’Brien) Kalember, his magazine’s star columnist. She has a boyfriend—long-distance romance—and his marriage just broke up. So, naturally, they talk about relationships. “The first real sign of divorce,” he says, “was when we started using the word life-style a lot.” The characters are likable enough, but their show just isn’t entertaining enough. Yawn.