December 18, 1995 12:00 PM

>Some snappy children’s books suitable for stuffing very wide stockings:

YOUPALA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE by Youpala illustrated by Zau When 5-year-old Youpala Impalapa ventures out of her African village, she comes upon a croc who knits and a giraffe who takes afternoon tea. It’s a curious jungle out there. (Kingfisher, $14.95; ages 4-7)

PRINCESS PRUNELLA AND THE PURPLE PEANUT by Margaret Atwood illustrated by Maryann Kovalski Novelist Atwood minds her P’s in this cautionary tale about a proud, prissy princess who gets her comeuppance when a prune-faced old crone plants a peanut plop in the center of her nose. (Workman, $12.95; ages 4-10)

DINOTOPIA: THE WORLD BENEATH by fames Gurney The adventures continue in this imaginative series with a voyage into the wondrous caves beneath the lost island where dinos and humans live in harmony. (Turner, $29.95; ages 4 and up)

IN THE BEGINNING… by Brian Delf and Richard Platt From Icarus to the Concorde, Stonehenge to skyscrapers, this deftly illustrated time line brings history to life for readers to whom the past may be just a jumble of names and dates. (D.K. Publishing, $19.95; ages 8 and up)

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