December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

The Gregg Allman Band

The Allmans revival also includes Gregg’s follow-up to his 1987 comeback LP, I’m No Angel. The faithful will probably first want to rush in and cue up his updated version of the A. Brothers 1969 song Every Hungry Woman. But the remaining nine cuts are reminiscent too of the old sound. Dan Toler wields a wicked lead, and Allman’s vocal work is a reaffirmation of his prowess as one of the reigning white blues singers. When he growls, he could make a hungry lion slink away like a cowering pussycat. Allman sings the album’s stand-out song, Ocean Awash the Gunwale, with undeniable conviction, and Toler lays one fluid guitar track over another; you’d swear it was an outtake of the Betts-Duane Allman twin guitar rampage from the Allmans’ double LP Beginnings. Both Gregg and Betts probably will want to forge ahead independently and not resurrect the old days, but these records sound so warmingly nostalgic, the prospect of a one-shot reunion ought to be awfully enticing. (Epic)—Andrew Abrahams

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