August 19, 2002 12:00 PM

ABC Family (Sun., Aug. 18, 8 p.m. ET)

When a guy in a TV movie insists he’s “not stupid,” it’s more than likely that he simply lacks self-knowledge. Such a character is Adam (CSI‘s George Eads), who walks dogs for a living in this weak romantic comedy. A rich businessman pays Adam to apartment-sit for a week, and Rachel (Jane Krakowski from Ally McBeal), a pretty neighbor, mistakes the leash holder for the tycoon who hired him.

Predictably they’re drawn to each other, and Adam is reluctant to reveal his true identity for fear Rachel will lose interest. Even though Rachel is a sweet animal lover who is clearly perfect for the real him, and even though she says dishonesty was her ex-husband’s salient fault, Adam continues the pretense. It’s hard to sympathize with a character so doggedly foolish, especially after he appears to come clean, but the full disclosure turns out to be only a dream.

Eads is reasonably likable as the awkward-but-handsome type—you know he’d look 20 percent cooler without his glasses—and Krakowski makes Rachel attractive despite the script’s tendency to oversell her supposedly endearing indecisiveness. But the stupidity here is more than they can surmount.

Bottom Line: Arf-arf

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