By Jason Lynch Kristen Mascia Lisa Ingrassia
June 09, 2008 12:00 PM

>• The actress and mother of two, 47, plays a mom who had an incestuous relationship with her son in Savage Grace, based on a true story.

WHAT A DARK ROLE. She was so extreme. Virtually a sociopath. But I had to make her human, because she was—it happened.

AS A MOTHER, WAS IT DIFFICULT TO GET OEDIPAL? No. I’m acting, you know? I very rarely identify with my characters.

DO YOUR KIDS CALEB, 10, AND LIV, 6, KNOW WHAT MOM DOES FOR A LIVING? Yeah. They like sets, and that their father [director Bart Freundlich] makes movies, but they’re not interested in seeing anything that I do—nor should they be!

IT’S SUMMER. HOW DO YOU COPE WITH YOUR FAIR SKIN? I wear sunscreen every day, and I won’t walk in the sun. I walk in the shade, and people laugh at me.