By People Staff
October 17, 1977 12:00 PM

A haunting but uneven story about two women who renew their fondly remembered girlhood friendship against the ominous backdrop of prewar Nazi Germany. Based on Lillian Hellman’s autobiographical memoir Pentimento and lovingly directed by Fred (A Man for All Seasons) Zinnemann, the narrative takes Lillian (Jane Fonda) on a dangerous trip to Berlin to meet Julia (Vanessa Redgrave), who has forsaken her medical studies for anti-Fascist political activity. The performances are glowing, if remote. (Jason Robards plays Hellman’s lifelong lover, Dashiell Hammett.) Still, this is a breakthrough film, for once pitting two strong women against each other in the leads instead of a macho Newman-Redford bonding. It already has the smell of Oscars. (PG)