By People Staff
February 18, 2002 12:00 PM

Shannon McNally (Capitol)

Combine the vocal styles of Dusty Springfield, Sheryl Crow and Diana Krall, add maybe a dash of Carly Simon and Patsy Cline, then subtract the writing ability of Bonnie Raitt, and you get this winsome singer from Long Island. McNally, who moonlights as a cosmetics model, deftly blends elements of blues, folk, rock and country on her midtempo material and renders it all with a powerful singing voice. Unfortunately this strong debut suffers from McNally’s somewhat weak lyrics, which occasionally veer toward the banal. Take “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”: “Paddy cake, paddy cake, barkeep man/ Pour me a beer as fast as you can.” You can do better than that, Shannon.

Bottom Line: A promising young singer who lacks the write stuff