Kelley, 28, has a new CD, Special Company, and a new bride, whom he met when she appeared in his “Only You” video.

ON HEIGL INSPIRING HIS MUSIC “Two Cups of Coffee” is about being apart when I was touring. I woke up one morning, ordered breakfast, looked at this empty chair next to me and went, “I got too much of me and not enough of you.”

ON THEIR UTAH WINTER WEDDING It was like being married in Narnia with snow everywhere. I used to teach ballroom dancing, so Katie and I cut it all doggone night.

ON JAMMING WITH FERGIE ON HIS HONEYMOON We met Fergie and Josh [Duhamel] a year and a half ago and rekindled the relationship in Cabo. I played drums while Fergie sang Sublime’s “Santeria.” It was a lot of fun.

ON IF HE FEELS LIKE MR. KATHERINE HEIGL I don’t. But sometimes I [miss] my privacy. This morning I went jogging, and they’re taking photos of me. She’s the movie star. Am I going to have to start wearing a mask?

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