February 20, 2006 12:00 PM


Hosting the History Channel’s archaeo-adventure show Digging for the Truth, survival expert Josh Bernstein, 34, has hacked through jungles and scaled mountains. He talked to PEOPLE about his exploits.

WHY WORK IS NEVER A CHORE I visit the greatest sites from the Andes to the Alps to the Arctic. Despite the illnesses and exhaustion I’ve had to endure, I’d still do it. Every day that I’m still alive, it’s a good day.

ON HIS BIGGEST THRILL Being in the upper chambers of the Great Pyramid at Giza, that was special. Almost no one goes up there. That was a “Thank you, this is a great job” moment.

ON WHAT SCARES HIM I don’t know if I could bungee jump. I have no problems skydiving. There’s something about the snapping of that line!

WHY HE DOESN’T NEED BUG REPELLENT I have this relationship with insects. They just know not to bother me too much. Mosquitoes will land on everyone and not me.

HOW HE COPES WITH THE RIGORS OF TRAVELING I need good food, a good night’s rest and some classical music. Oh, and maybe a hot shower. Anywhere you can take a shower is a good place.

ON THE SURVIVOR CASTAWAYS I think all of them should learn survival skills [beforehand]. It’s embarrassing every time I see them try to make fire and fail. It’s not that hard.

ON HIS DREAM ASSIGNMENT It would be fun to explore the moon. Tell NASA they should put me at the top of their list!

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