People Staff
June 12, 1995 12:00 PM

Keanu Reeves

In this action adventure, written by cyberhero William Gibson, the young Mr. Reeves—he of the high cheekbones and hollow voice—plays a 21st-century data “courier,” who smuggles top-secret information by means of a computer chip implanted in his brain. On his latest mission, which involves a pharmaceutical company, the Japanese mafia, Dolph Lundgren and a fake-looking dolphin, Keanu has uploaded more bytes than his chip can handle. His brain threatens to blow a gasket.

The audience will be able to sympathize. Johnny Mnemonic, directed by multimedia artist Robert Longo, is a violent jumble. A couple of computer-animated segments are done well enough to offer some visual relief. But (rhetorical question) why is it that so much computer animation uses tunnel imagery? You get the feeling that we are dealing with a strong urge to return to the womb. Get over it. (R)

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