By People Staff
October 31, 1983 12:00 PM

Johnny Cash

Anticipating a new album by Johnny Cash is like waiting for a visit from a cherished, generous uncle; you know you’re going to enjoy it and you know he’s going to have something interesting for you, but you never know what it is. In this album’s typically enjoyable mix are two Bruce Springsteen songs, the title tune and Highway Patrolman—both crime-and-punishment story songs that sound made for Cash to sing. There’s also a reggae-tinged number by Eric Von Schmidt, Joshua Gone Barbados (it’s probably the most out of place track on the album), a lovely, low-key duet with Mrs. Cash, June Carter, on Paul Kennerley’s Brand New Dance, and Cash’s own happily rough-riding arrangement of I’m Ragged but I’m Right. Brian Ahern, unjustifiably known better as Emmylou Harris’ husband than in his own right, produced this LP, which also includes Glen D. Hardin on keyboards, James Burton on guitar, Norton Buffalo on harmonica and Hoyt Axton among the backup singers. The comment the album inevitably inspires is: Come back soon, Johnny.