October 26, 1987 12:00 PM

by Eddie Sanderson

Those awaiting the definitive appraisal of Ms. Collins’ role in Western culture will not find their prayers answered by this picture book. Suffice it to say the lady herself in an introduction says, “I love the photographs.” What redeems the volume is that Collins can laugh at herself. There are pictures of her looking exhausted while filming 1977’s Empire of the Ants in a Florida swamp. There are two pictures of her with Peter Holm, with nary a snarly remark, despite the recent unpleasantness. There are even pictures of Collins without makeup, pictures that suggest her natural self is to sultry screen beauty what a piece of iron ore is to a Maserati. And there are naturally many pictures of Collins vamping. She and Sanderson, who has been photographing her since a London newspaper assignment in 1972, provide the captions, which remain at a tolerable level of cuteness. (Fireside, paper, $10.95)

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