March 23, 1998 12:00 PM

Jimmy Ray

As photogenic as the Spice Girls and Hanson may be, pop music’s new hitmakers up to now have lacked raw sex appeal. With his snaky physique, retro pompadour and rockabilly-punk demeanor, 22-year-old British newcomer Jimmy Ray exudes the sort of animal magnetism that has been a pop rarity lately. Ray’s first single, “Are You Jimmy Ray?” has already climbed into Billboard’s Top 20, and the beat-heavy rockabilly-tinged likes of “I Got Rolled” and “Way Low” may soon follow suit. But alas, Jimmy Ray’s debut album, though far less lightweight than Spiceworld, is fast-food entertainment at best. Humming along is a cinch. Actually remembering any of it by this time next year won’t be so easy. (Epic)

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