July 06, 1987 12:00 PM

Jill Jones

Maybe Prince keeps finding new female protégées such as Vanity, Apollonia, Sheila E. and now Jones just to make sure there’s always someone to sing dirty to him. On All Day, All Night, Jones sings, “I watch as you make love to others/ Disgusting as it seems, it intoxicates me…/ My heartbeat accelerates and my mouth waters uncontrollably.” That lewd song is the weakest of three that Prince co-wrote and co-produced on Jones’s debut album. The others, Mia Bocca and For Love, have Prince’s banty rooster, rhythmic impetus. The man should bottle his remarkable ability to make all the instruments on a track sound percussive. David Z., who produced the rest of the album with Jones, gets a good horn sound but tends to overdo the strings. In a way Jones makes the same mistake with her voice, overindulging in pyrotechnics and histrionics. In a misguided effort to prove her versatility, she sings each song in a different character. There’s the herky-jerky Lydia Lunch delivery on Mia Bocca, the breathy Sheila E. soprano of G-Spot and the topper, a chiding Carmen Miranda-as-battle-ax tone for My Man. Jones may have talent, but it’s hard to find under her frantic ambition. (Paisley Park)

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