July 24, 1978 12:00 PM

The moral still is: If you’re swimming and hear ominous cello music, you are about to be eaten by a giant shark. About everything else is the same too, though the classy flourishes of the original added by Robert Shaw (already gobbled up), Richard Dreyfuss (other fish to fry) and director Steven Spielberg (not interested) are gone. The same dopey mayor is worrying about the tourist trade, another great white shark has heard about a good feeding ground off Amity, L.I., and Roy Scheider, fulfilling a commitment to Universal, appears again as the police chief. He is to be commended for not just walking through, though his character is hopelessly addicted to staring at the ocean. The problem is that the best gimmicks were used first time around, and despite a couple of tense who’ll-be-main-course-and-who’ll-be-dessert sequences, the $25 million sequel turns out to be only ordinary. It may have crossed someone’s mind, though, that if it’s only half as successful as Jaws, No. 2 will gross $100 million, (PG)

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