By Leah Rozen Eunice Oh Lesley Messer
December 08, 2008 12:00 PM

The British action star, 36, gets back behind the wheel in Transporter 3.

YOUR CHARACTER CAN DRIVE A CAR VERTICALLY AND ATOP A TRAIN. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN’T DO BEHIND A WHEEL? I suppose peel potatoes while driving! No, I went to stunt school, so we can make that car do anything: 360s, 180s and Tokyo drifts.

HOW MANY SPEEDING TICKETS DO YOU HAVE? I used to get a lot, but I don’t speed anymore. As a kid I would race around, but now I prefer to put a CD on and just cruise.

YOU END UP SHIRTLESS IN A LOT OF YOUR MOVIES. HOW DO YOU GET IN SHAPE? It’s tough. To get in shape there comes a bit of sacrifice. You can’t have spaghetti Bolognese and big ol’ PB&J sandwiches. You have to eat a lot of lean protein and try to eat organically. It’s quite expensive to eat healthy these days, you know. Thank God they pay well in these films!