By Jessica Herndon V.R. PETERSON Chuck Arnold and Ralph Novak
Updated August 28, 2006 12:00 PM


The actor-comedian, 35, and best friend Stu Stone revealed themselves to be aspiring rap stars (wink, wink) on MTV’s Blowin’ Up. Now the two have released their debut CD, also titled Blowin’ Up.

RUN-DMC, RUN-DMC That was the first thing that I ever listened to that was rap music. They weren’t singing, and the music was different and funky.

PUBLIC ENEMY, FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET Chuck D was saying all of this important and interesting stuff, and yet Flavor Flav was comical.

THE PHARCYDE, BIZARRE RIDE II THE PHARCYDE It’s just a trip. It’s almost like Pink Floyd, but for rap.

N.W.A, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON That introduced me to West Coast hip-hop, dudes just coming straight at the police.

WU-TANG CLAN, ENTER THE WU-TANG (36 CHAMBERS) It was a group of people that were so creative. It unleashed the id.