By Tom Gliatto Alyssa Shelasky Jed Dreben
June 09, 2008 12:00 PM

• As Noah Mayer on As the World Turns, the 25-year-old actor (who’s straight) recently exchanged daytime TV’s first gay kiss with costar Van Hansis, boosting ratings and sparking debate.

WHAT’S BEEN THE REACTION? I’m sure there are haters, but I’ve only experienced the warmest support from the fans. I get letters from people who feel this character has really helped them.

WERE YOU NERVOUS ABOUT THE ROLE? There was a casting call that went out, and we all knew it was for a gay character. I had no reservations whatsoever—it’s pretty cool. Every actor wants to break new ground.

DO YOU HANG OUT WITH VAN HANSIS? We’re good friends. We even have similar taste in music, the indie rock scene. He has a [daytime] Emmy nomination, and I’m psyched for him.

HEY, WAS THAT YOU IN A BIT PART ON GOSSIP GIRL? I got to hit on Serena [Blake Lively], so that was nice.