December 01, 2003 12:00 PM

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“Chicks dig spies,” a buddy told Jake Foley (Christopher Gorham) in the September premiere of this diverting series. “Yeah, but they don’t dig geeks,” Jake replied, including himself in that unattractive category.

As he spoke, Jake was a mere computer technician at the National Security Agency, but his life soon took a sharp turn when he was accidentally infected with nanites, molecule-size robots that gave him superhuman powers. The NSA decided to build a special-operations team around the suddenly upgraded Jake, though he had no spying experience outside his dreams.

Gorham (Popular) is an appealing lead, and the show is fun to watch as long as it stays committed to the idea that Jake is still a seminerd despite his special features. (I liked it when he groused about losing overtime pay in the switch from techie to agent.) But lately there are signs that the protagonist may be getting too confident, too resourceful and too sexy. After a steamy one-night stand with an ex-CIA femme fatale, he stood up to NSA bigwigs and saved his team’s bacon. If Jake gets used to being a hero, it’ll be an entertainment downgrade for 2.0.


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