May 19, 2008 12:00 PM

An innocent freshman frat pledge on the ABC Family hit Greek, Zachar, 22, says he found romance on-set.

WERE YOU A NERD IN SCHOOL? I cared about my academics, but I was social. I messed around, but I was sneaky about it.

EVER JOIN A FRAT? No, I never had any experiences with rushing or pledging [at Columbia College Chicago], but we were shooting at U.C. Santa Barbara and some frat guys ended up inviting me up to some parties out there.

HOW’S THE DATING LIFE? I’m going out with Jessica Rose, who plays my girlfriend on Greek. Our first kiss was also our first onscreen one. We were both very excited to do it.

EVER HAD TROUBLE WORKING TOGETHER? I screwed up big-time early on. Before you know what [the deal] is between you, you want to go out and have your own fun. I got busted like that. I told her I was researching the role, but she didn’t believe it. She’s smarter than me.

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