October 08, 1990 12:00 PM

NBC (Sun., Oct. 7, 9 P.M. ET)


This six-hour miniseries about a mobster’s daughter trash-compacts together two best-sellers from the queen of the airport racks.

Quickly paced and garishly colorful, it’s a festival of inanity that includes every abused B-movie icon: New York speakeasies, Las Vegas casinos, gangsters, starlets, even a Greek shipping magnate. They’re strung together with pulpy plotting (murder, kidnapping, passion, revenge) and dialogue (“Everyone deserves a chance in life, kid; I’m yours”) that have the consistency and flavor of packaged lunch meat.

The performances vary from passable (Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Nader, Sandra Bullock, Eric Braeden, Phil Morris) to woeful (Vincent Irizarry, Mary Frann, Shawnee Smith, Tim Ryan, Stephanie Beacham, Jimmie Skaggs). The costuming, spanning four decades, is good, but it looks as if an embalmer was used instead of a makeup artist.

Depending on your standards, you’ll either find this mini—which airs at the same time on two successive nights—fabulously entertaining or drolly amusing. Either way, it’s watchable.

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