December 21, 1998 12:00 PM

Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston

Going from playing Batman to Snowman isn’t exactly a prestigious career move for Keaton. Sure, the actor gets to show off his meager singing skills, his winning way with a snide line and an all-weather durability in Jack Frost, but this maudlin, inconsequential family comedy is here today, melted tomorrow.

Keaton, swaggering like Bruce Willis in his Bruno guise, plays the lead singer of a bar band. Although he loves his wife (Preston, in the Anne Archer saintly wife role) and 11-year-old son (Joseph Cross), he is always on the road. Then—make sure the kids know this ahead of time—Keaton dies in a car accident and, just in time for Christmas a year later, returns as a snowman. Snow Dad and son gleefully bond, and life lessons are learned by all. No more, no less. But Keaton deserves better. (PG)

Bottom Line: Slush

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