May 15, 2006 12:00 PM


He writes, he directs and even composed the themes for his shows Felicity, Alias and Lost. As he jumps to the big screen with Mission: Impossible III, J.J. Abrams, 39, shares his pop culture obsessions.

FAVORITE PLOT TWIST When Burgess Meredith’s glasses break in the Twilight Zone show “Time Enough at Last.” He plays a man who’s farsighted and loves to read. A nuclear bomb is detonated and everyone is killed but him. He can finally read all he wants, and his glasses fall off and shatter. It’s just a heartbreaking, unexpected twist, a devastating moment.

FAVORITE DIALOGUE Almost anything from [1971’s] Harold and Maude. It is so incredibly emotional, painful and sweet.

FAVORITE THEME MUSIC The greatest theme song in the history of television must be Sanford and Son. Quincy Jones, it’s so good it kills me.

FAVORITE BOOK TO READ TO HIS THREE KIDS The current one is a biography of [magician Harry] Houdini. It’s a real book. Every night we read a chapter, and they’re always asking me, “So how does Houdini die?” They’re really on the edge of their seats.

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