By People Staff
Updated April 09, 1979 12:00 PM

Moe Bandy

When it comes to basic C&W sobbing-in-your-beer songs, they don’t write ’em as pure anymore as Hank Thompson’s Mark of a Heel (“Every man must leave his footprint in the shifting sands of time/But I’ll just leave the mark of a heel”). But mellow-voiced Moe is trying to keep the tradition alive. In this assembly-line LP, he even takes the novel step of limiting the entire collection to a single subject—cheating on one’s spouse. Thus we have Conscience Where Were You (When I Needed You Last Night), Cheaters Never Win, When My Working Girl Comes Home (And Works on Me) and the affecting They Haven’t Made the Drink (That Can Get Me over You). The titles may change, but the melodies remain—plunk, plunk—the same.