February 03, 2003 12:00 PM

Busta Rhymes (J)

From his breakthrough 1996 anthem “Woo-Ha!! Got You All in Check” to last year’s hit “Pass the Courvoisier,” Busta Rhymes has always kept the fun factor high in his music. On his sixth album, the rhymer once again delivers a good (if not always clean) time on party jams such as the infectious first single “Make It Clap,” which, with its bumping reggae rid-dim, nods to Busta’s Jamaican heritage. It’s refreshing to hear a hardcore emcee who doesn’t take himself so seriously, even humorously promoting safe sex during a skit between the erotically charged cuts “Take It Off Part 2” and “Taste It.” Busta also remains one of the most sonically inventive rappers, experimenting with tribal beats, Latin guitar and Middle Eastern horn sounds. He stumbles, however, when he attempts to use the Gilligan’s Island theme as the musical backdrop for a social statement on “The Struggle Will Be Lost.”


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