September 18, 1989 12:00 PM

CBS (Tues., Sept. 19, 1O P.M.ET)


Now here’s a TV doc, Dr. Kildare, taking his stethoscope to Hawaii. Well, actually it’s Richard Chamberlain, the actor who made female hearts flutter as Kildare from 1961-66. On this series he’s Dr. Daniel Kulani, who’s older than Kildare, of course, and nicer, if that’s possible. Chamberlain, serving as exec producer, joined the husband-wife writing team of Nigel and Carol McKeand (Family) and put together a strong supporting group, including Timothy Carhart (as a brash doctor), Brynn Thayer (as hospital chief of staff) and William McNamara (as Kulani’s 16-year-old son.) If Chamberlain’s painful odes to nature were toned down and the guest cast’s hammy acting were subdued, they might have a really good (instead of merely passable) show here.

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