August 29, 1988 12:00 PM

For the rank amateur, this 75-minute tape produced by the L.L. Bean operation may be the best place to start. It assumes, as any good primer does, that nothing is too dumb to explain. It starts with how to set up your tackle, how it works and where to use it. Later it covers rudiments of casting and streamcraft. It even offers the novice an environmentally correct philosophy: catch and release, rather than catch and kill. (Myriad philosophical arguments preoccupy the fly fisher. A major debate has at one extreme the “meat fishermen,” who cast about for food; at the other end are those who fish for the aesthetic pleasure of it, throwing back anything they catch.) The teacher is Dave Whitlock, an accomplished author and chief instructor at the Bean fly-fishing schools in Maine. (L.L. Bean, $29.95; 800-221-4221)

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