March 17, 2008 12:00 PM

After spending more than two months at No. 1 with his smash “Low,” the 28-year-old Florida rapper (real name: Tramar Dillard) is set to deliver his debut album, Mail on Sunday, on March 18.

ON HIS MONIKER Flo Rida (pronounced “Flow RIDE-uh”) represents Florida, Flo represents the different flows I have when I approach a record, and Rida represents when I speed up the tempo.

ON HIS HIP-HOP HEROES Run-DMC, LL Cool J, the Fat Boys, Eric. B & Rakim, Heavy D. I have seven older sisters, so they would bring all of that home. I loved the way they walked, the way they talked. I felt like I could never do that, but then I got older and became a little more hip.

ON PERFORMING “LOW” LIVE It gets crazy sometimes. It brings me back to when I was on the road with 2 Live Crew. The girls try to take off my clothes, but I’m not trying to be anyone’s breaking news.

ON THE WEIRDEST PLACE HE’S HEARD “LOW” In a bathroom at Target—I was on the road and stopped to buy wife-beaters and boxers.

ON HIS ALBUM’S TITLE This is a special delivery for the fans. And who wouldn’t want their mail to come on Sunday?

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