September 02, 2002 12:00 PM

BBMak (Hollywood)

Forget ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys—BBMak is the best boy band around (and not just because they actually play their own instruments). The British trio—which is comprised of Christian Burns, Stephen “Ste” McNally and Mark Barry—follow up 2000’s jolly good debut Sooner or Later with another collection of shiny guitar-pop ditties that are guaranteed to stick in your head.

Of the 10 tracks on this disc—all of which Burns, McNally and Barry cowrote—there is not one bad song in the bunch. This is the rare CD that can be played from start to finish without hitting the skip button. With instantly catchy choruses, sunny harmonies and charmingly retro arrangements, BBMak updates the tuneful Brit-pop tradition of the Beatles for the TRL generation. On ’60s-inspired songs such as the psychedelic-tinged “Staring into Space” and the symphonic “Sympathy,” close your eyes and you can almost imagine them wearing mop tops.-C.A.

Bottom Line: BBMak shoots a bull’s-eye

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