August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

The Way of the Wiseguy
By Joseph Pistone

Missing Tony Soprano this summer? In a new guide to Mob style and manners, former FBI undercover agent Joseph Pistone, who spent six years posing as mafioso Donnie Brasco, explains how to pass as a made man.

DON’T DRESS TO KILL “Most wiseguys are pretty neat as far as dress, but they don’t wear $3,000 suits every day,” Pistone tells PEOPLE. “You shouldn’t overdress. Not a lot of jewelry and flash. Just fit in.”

TREAT THE LADIES WELL “They’re very respectful of women. I’ve never heard a wiseguy use language in front of their wives or kids as they do on The Sopranos.”

GET A PET “A lot of them are pigeon fanciers. They raise racing pigeons. It’s easy. [They keep] the coops up on top of their apartments.”

CARBS ARE COOL “I have known guys who, immediately after whacking someone, had a big pasta dinner,” Pistone writes. “To wiseguys, murder is just another bit of business…why let it spoil your appetite?”

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