October 03, 1994 12:00 PM

by Joseph Olshan

Will Kaplan’s life and subsequent relationships are colored by the haunting memory of his perfect lover Chad, who disappeared 10 years ago during a moonlit Pacific swim. Living on the East Coast in the triangular gay world of New York City-Fire Island-South Beach, rebounding from a four-year relationship with Greg Wallace, Will falls for a new man.

Sean Paris is a landscape architect and Marine brat whose own past is riddled with complicated emotions and incidents, including the suicide of his last lover. The resulting affair between Will and Sean is set against the backdrop of a community living under the specter of AIDS, political harassment and obsession with youth. In his poetic fifth novel, Olshan, a PEOPLE contributor, delivers a beautifully written story of gay love, betrayal and loss. (Simon & Schuster,$20)

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