September 19, 1988 12:00 PM

While the title implies something grandiose—along the lines of the Disney extravaganza Fantasia—this is actually quite a modest little production. Not everyone will agree that infants need to be indoctrinated into TV watching, but those who do will find a reasonable 25 minutes of diversion. There’s no plot, just a series of calm, colorful scenes with lots of animals, balloons and simple shapes fading in and out to the accompaniment of such songs as Pop Goes the Weasel and This Old Man. “Animated” would be too strong a word to describe the art work. It’s mostly a succession of still drawings. The sensation of movement is limited, suiting the tape’s billing as a “musical mobile.” The video was designed by Dick Feldman, a TV director whose credits include the syndicated The Great Space Coaster. (View, $19.95; 800-843-9843)

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