March 25, 1985 12:00 PM

Roger Hodgson

Hodgson was co-founder, lead vocalist and songwriter for Supertramp. His first album since the breakup of that group in 1983 is a well-constructed solo endeavor, pensive without being ponderous. Hodgson recorded it in his 48-track home studio in Nevada City, Calif., doing all the writing, arranging, producing and singing, and playing many of the instruments himself. Such songs as Only Because of You, craftily orchestrated with waves of sound, attest to his skill. Hodgson’s earnest, high voice and crisp phrasing will be immediately recognizable to Supertramp fans. In Jeopardy and Hooked on a Problem have the jaunty feel of the Supertramp hits Dreamer and The Logical Song. Give Me Love, Give Me Life and Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy) tack between wistfulness and a hurdy-gurdy carnival atmosphere. This album is not a model of emotional depth, but it is nonetheless involving. (A&M)

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