By Jeff Jarvis
March 31, 1986 12:00 PM

You have to be quick in TV. Melba Moore’s Melba arrived and was instantly (and mercifully) yanked by CBS before I could even fill my pen with poison. Grade: D +. Then ABC’s cop show Fortune Dane, starring Carl (Rocky I-IV) Weathers, dashed by in a fast tryout run. The opening credits were the liveliest part of that show, with the camera massaging each of Weathers’ monster muscles as he worked out in the gym and then lathered up in the shower; now this was soap opera. Weathers wasn’t bad, but all his lines were. Fortune’s scripts were as wooden as a pauper’s coffin. Grade: C-. And just when I was ready to review The Redd Foxx Show, they changed it. The show ranked 74th out of 88 and ABC reportedly decided that Redd’s disposition was the problem; he was too nice. So they got rid of his foster daughter, then added Vanessa (Penthouse) Williams as a new waitress for at least one episode, plus an actor named Sinbad as a foster son and then an ex-wife for Redd (he started the show as a widower, but now he’s a divorcé, too). I hope they don’t change what I did like about The Redd Foxx Show: Redd. He would have earned a B+. Now we’ll wait and see how the retread works. So this week we look at one new sitcom plus a few others that almost got away. (Also this week, starting at 9 p.m. ET on March 29, HBO devotes three live hours to Comic Relief, a fund raiser for America’s homeless with hosts Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg.)