May 11, 1992 12:00 PM

CBS (Sun., May 10, 9 P.M. ET)


A teenager (Kate & Allie’s Ari Meyers) is abducted, raped and murdered. Remember the Twinkle Defense, when the lawyer for former San Francisco Councilman Dan White argued that it was a junk-food binge that had driven White to murder Mayor George Moscone and Councilman Harvey Milk in 1978? Well, in this movie the killer (Adam Storke) is acquitted by reason of temporary insanity, an imbalance attributed to a combination of asthma medication, Chinese food and diet soda. After that questionable verdict, the dead girl devastated mother (Donna Mills) goes mad with grief and fury. (How-crazed is she? Mills even forgoes eye makeup for a few scenes.) Eventually she exacts a more Draconian measure of justice and gets her own trial.

The movie gets off to a promising start with some nicely sketched family scenes. But once the crime-and-vendetta cycle begins, you must slog through two long, undramatic courtroom segments. Still, this is a generally well acted movie, with a cast that includes John Rubinstein, Lee Grant and John Getz.

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