August 10, 1987 12:00 PM

Patty Larkin

On the surface it sounds a little like an insult to say Larkin, who’s 36, sounds like a ’60s singer. There were, however, one or two fair talents back in those days, and what provokes the comparison is Larkin’s clean, unembellished approach. The tunes on this, her second album, fall into a folk-light, jazz-urban country range, but they’re all rendered in a warm, melodically pure vocal style. Backed by her own acoustic guitar and a tastefully restrained band, including saxophonist Cercie Miller and violinist Robin Batteau, Larkin runs through some pleasing tunes she wrote herself—Rescue Me (no, this isn’t the old Fontella Bass hit) and Pucker Up are especially likable. An lowan who now works, mostly around Boston, Larkin has written such tunes as Not Bad for a Broad and He Was a Writer for the National Enquirer, She Was a Soap Opera Queen. This album could have used a bit of that kind of humor, but it provides an enticing introduction to a singer who deserves something better than obscurity. (Philo)

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