By People Staff
November 08, 1999 12:00 PM

by Geri Halliwell

Book of the week

Who knew that a Spice Girl could be so thoughtful? Beneath that spangly Union Jack minidress beat the heart of a poet—or at least one very sensitive girl. In this poignant (if a bit premature) autobiography, 27-year-old Geri Halliwell—the artist formerly known as Ginger Spice—leaves no part of her soul unbared as she lays out her dysfunctional childhood, her battles with bulimia and her tough, at times humiliating, journey from Watford, England, wannabe to one-fifth of arguably the hottest British pop group of the decade.

Those looking for dirt will be disappointed. Apart from veiled references to her hurt when her band-mates discouraged her dream to be more than Ginger Spice, Halliwell refers to Scary, Baby, Posh and Sporty with wistful affection. But what Halliwell really, really wants the book to be is an inspiration to all those young Spice fans who believe, as she did, that all their problems would be solved, if only they could grow up to be rich and famous. Happiness doesn’t come from having millions love you, she says, it comes from loving yourself. (Delacorte, $21.95)

Bottom Line: Girl Power-ful