November 06, 1995 12:00 PM

Collin Raye

Raye’s discs may be sold in the Country section at record stores, but don’t be fooled. While the traditional twang is evident on a few tracks of his fourth album (“Sweet Miss Behavin’ ” or “I Love Being Wrong”), the bulk of the disc has a pleasant, “adult contemporary” feel.

Raye didn’t write any of the material, but he has assembled a fine collection of other writers’ lovelorn ballads. The best are “Not That Different” (by Karen Taylor-Good and Joie Scott) and “Love Remains” (Tom Douglas and Jim Daddario), languid, introspective tunes on which Raye sounds uncannily like Eagle Don Henley. Arkansas-born but raised in Texas, Raye will probably always be considered a country singer because that’s how he got started. Still, the peaceful, easy feeling he generates is more suited to candlelight dinners than gas lantern cookouts. (Epic)

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