August 28, 1995 12:00 PM


In “Alright,” a track on Supergrass’s invigorating debut album, frontman Gaz Coombes sings: “We are young/We run green/Keep our teeth/Nice and clean/See our friends/See the sights/Feel alright.” Writing about the innocence, delirium and occasional stupidity of youth is something all the young dudes (their average age is 21) in this British trio do with qualified ease. That they do so with a wit, charm and grace belying their tender years is even more impressive. Indeed, 19-year-old Coombes could be the most dynamic teenage singer-guitarist since the Jam’s Paul Weller.

In fact, like the Jam, Supergrass respectfully borrows from The Who (drummer Danny Goffey’s maniacal thrashing evokes Keith Moon) and the Sex Pistols without committing larceny. They mow through some songs with punky exuberance while gently drifting through others with catchy melodies reeking of ’60s pop. And while traces of the Buzzcocks, Madness, David Bowie and the Beatles trickle out, I Should Coco remains a lush, distinctive collection of supercool, Supergrass songs. There isn’t a weed in sight. (Capitol)

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