March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

Daniele Alexander

A little closer to the country hard core than Alexander’s 1989 debut, this album still displays a lot of mainstream pop flourishes that her big, better’s voice seems to find hard to resist.

So while there are three duets with no-doubt-about-it Nashvillian Butch Baker, one a rousing celebration of working couples, “Two Days a Week,” Alexander also turns out a declamatory rendition of her own “I Dream in Color,” which might have come out of a Broadway musical.

Whether this genre-switching is vacillation or versatility may depend on your point of view, but Alexander sounds robust and in control either way, from Bob Montgomery’s countrified ballad, “Misty Blue,” to the livelier “I Know What I Do Know.” And she’s fun to listen to in any case. After all, you can enjoy tomatoes without knowing if they are fruits or vegetables (to use “tomato” only in its most horticultural, nonsexist sense, of course). (Mercury)

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