By People Staff
December 23, 2002 12:00 PM

Aaliyah (Blackground/Universal)

Since her death in a plane crash last year, Aaliyah has continued to be a strong presence on the radio with the hit singles “Rock the Boat,” “More Than a Woman” and “I Care 4 U.” The latter supplies the title for this best-of collection, which also includes six previously unreleased tracks. In addition to the hits from her three double-platinum albums (although “If Your Girl Only Knew” and “Rock the Boat” are missing), the disc features her two soundtrack smashes, Dr. Dolittle’s “Are You That Somebody?” and Romeo Must Die’s “Try Again,” which will go down as classic Aaliyah trip-hop. While none of the new cuts approach that level, they still put to shame such Aaliyah wannabes as Ashanti and Tweet. The bittersweet “Miss You” no doubt sums up the sentiments of her fans.

BOTTOM LINE: A fitting farewell