November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

Tom Snow

Snow is a veteran composer who has collaborated on such hit tunes as Olivia Newton-John’s Make a Move on Me, the Pointer Sisters’ He’s So Shy and Melissa Manchester’s You Should Hear How She Talks About You, in addition to two of his own LPs. This, his third solo effort, is another pleasant surprise. His singing has a wispy-raspy Paul Williams appeal, with a relaxed quality that fits neatly with these softest of soft rock love songs. While one searches in vain for any real poetry in the lyrics, Snow’s collaborators are past masters of smooth pop songwriting—a past-mistress, in the case of Cynthia Weil, who with husband Barry Mann has helped write a hit parade of Top-40 tunes. There are four Snow-Weil efforts, including the infectious title tune and a rendition of Somewhere Down the Road. There’s also I Think I Know Too Much, written with Newton-John’s producer, John Farrar, which is pleasantly strident despite one of the odder rhymes of the year: “You’re international/ I was irrational.”

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