October 07, 1985 12:00 PM

The Bellamy Brothers

Howard and David Bellamy are, no doubt about it, country singers. It’s plenty easy to tell. Aside from the pining of Sonny Garrish’s steel guitar, there’s nothing else on this LP that particularly smacks of country music except the Bellamys’ distinctive inflections and relaxed delivery. Of the 10 tunes, only one, the truckin’ Wheels, has lyrics that would qualify it offhand as Nashville fodder, though the delightful Bob McDill/Rocky Lee song Everybody’s Somebody’s Darlin’ is not something either Prince or Frank Sinatra is likely to throw into his next concert. Lie to You for Your Love, The Single Man and His Wife and Old Hippie may be only urban cowboy songs, but they are cynical and witty enough to satisfy even the most jaded listeners. And throughout, the brothers sound typically warm and ingratiating. Even if they had gone to Harvard, they’d probably still appear to be just good ol’ boys. (MCA)

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