June 01, 1998 12:00 PM

Terri Clark (Mercury)

Clark’s third album at times makes her seem like a pop singer who wandered into Nashville by mistake. The Canadian-born vocalist is no classic country performer (one listens in vain for a twang or a catch in the throat), but she does have the same casual approach and ability to express emotion shared by some of Nashville’s best women singers. This is a lively package that showcases her versatile, rhythmic style.

The album includes sterling contributions by some country songwriting stalwarts. Leslie Satcher and Larry Cordle’s “Cure for the Common Heartache” could become a classic, as could “Getting Even with the Blues,” a collaboration by Clark, Chris Waters and Tom Shapiro. Clark herself writes fluently. She did the glib “Not Getting Over You” and cowrote five of the CD’s other 11 tunes. So if she isn’t a run-of-the-barn-dance country singer, no matter; there are worse things than being atypical.

Bottom Line: Lively country music with a twist of pop

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