January 31, 1994 12:00 PM

Kid’N Play

The batteries have pretty much gone dead in this comedy series about two hip young African-Americans in suburban Los Angeles. The original, at least, had visual snap. House Party 3 looks smudgy and underlit, as if filmed through a smear of grape jelly. Worse, neither of its stars ever seems more than remotely interested in the exhaustingly raucous goings-on about them. This time out, Kid is about to get married, which means that a lot of the plot has to do with his bachelor party. (Insert standard bachelor-party plot here.) Meanwhile, as novice record producers, he and Play are trying to break into the hip-hop industry by signing a group called Sex As a Weapon (played by the group TLC). This provides the movie with a few (brief) musical numbers, which are much appreciated. (R)

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