April 03, 1978 12:00 PM

Walter Matthau, a widowed doctor, does make house calls. That’s because he’s a would-be Lothario, let loose on a world of scrumptious women, to his friend Richard Benjamin’s despair. One of Walter’s patients is Glenda Jackson, a spunky divorcee with more than a touch of sass, who makes it quite clear that she’s not interested in a philanderer. Nor does she approve of the good doctor’s hospital politicking. (A senile chief surgeon, Art Carney, is killing patients accidentally, but heir apparent Matthau won’t toss him out.) Glenda and Walter give their relationship a two-week trial run anyway, in what seems to be a golden-ager’s Goodbye Girl, perhaps because Jackson’s hairstyle is exactly like Marsha Mason’s. They make a very odd but intermittently entertaining couple. (PG)

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