By People Staff
August 19, 1996 12:00 PM

Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollak

When you scrape through the bottom of the comedy barrel and root around underneath it, this tedious morsel of drivel—a supremely misguided blend of Irreconcilable Differences and The Ref—is what you will find.

Poor Curtis and Pollak are a Defiance, Ohio, couple on the verge of divorce. Their children, a teenager (Kyle Howard) and his little sister (Amy Sakasitz), lock the adults in the cellar to force them into proximity and, the kids hope, rapprochement. Then some of the kids’ pals bring their folks into the cellar, for the same reason. This creates a chaotic morass that’s more foolish and confusing than it is funny.

The best laugh comes when an un-credited Shelley Hack (of Charlie’s Angels fame) appears on a TV set as a solemn self-help author hyping her book Face the Fear. Other than that, what mostly happens is that the reputations of some’ reputable actors head for the tubes. (PG)