December 15, 1986 12:00 PM

The Pointer Sisters

“We could be so hot, hot together/ Hot, so hot together.” “He possesses me with sexual power/ I can feel his magnetism/ He’s seducing me again.” “My body’s hot and my palms are sweaty, baby/ Don’t look surprised when you know you got me ready for you.” So come on, girls, don’t be shy. Tell us what’s on your mind. At least, in a world where ambivalence is epidemic, the Pointers just charge right on, in woman’s eternal quest for dance hits. One good possibility is the title track. (They use the word hot in five songs; two have heat and there are also a couple of fires and one mercury rising.) The album is in fact a lot more likely to wear out shoe leather than brain cells. They’ve done this kind of thing better—with better melodic hooks for one thing—but this is something Anita, June and Ruth can write to sister Bonnie about without apologizing. (RCA)

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