September 10, 1979 12:00 PM

Falling somewhere between screwball and screwed up, this cops-and-robbers comedy at least provides a modest diversion. As both actor and (for the first time) director, Dom DeLuise goes for so many laughs that some of them are bound to work. He can be very funny when held in check by a veteran director like Mel Brooks, but here he has no one to answer to but himself. The result is largely an exercise in excess, though occasionally he is a delight, as when he samples some Colombian Gold in the pawnshop that he and three other undercover cops are running. The plot, loosely lifted from various metropolitan police files, is ingenious—the cops recover stolen goods and trap thieves at the same time. Country singer Jerry Reed contributes another amiable supporting performance and sings the catchy title tune. (PG)

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