March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

This is, indeed, a worst. While there have been plenty of undergraduate jiggle-giggle films lately, this one is unrelievedly vulgar, exploitive, insulting to its audience and much less than it might have been; it is in a lack of class by itself. The opening credits run over a dazzling ski sequence featuring stunt skiers Lane Parrish and Rob Huntoon. From then on, the movie is all downhill, literally and figuratively. Directed by Peter (The Personals) Markle, it concerns a freestyle ski competition at Squaw Valley, Calif. The usually likable David (An American Werewolf in London) Naughton plays a mildly alcoholic veteran of the slopes. John Patrick Reger plays an insult-snarling, German champion. Patrick (Endangered Species) Houser is the aw-shucks newcomer to the ski tour. Tracy N. Smith makes her debut as the neo-flower child Houser picks up on his way to Squaw Valley. Also featured are the breasts of former Playboy model Shannon Tweed; the rest of her body has a supporting role. Plentiful are scenes involving nudity (women only, of course), off-color and off-the-mark jokes and stupid anti-German prejudice. There are some impressive ski scenes, but the film is so relentlessly juvenile that nothing about it seems enjoyable. It couldn’t meet the eligibility requirements even to be considered sophomoric.(R)

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